Servo Systems

We are experienced with Allen Bradley Kinetix, GE-Fanuc, and Kollmorgen servo systems. We incorporate belt and pulley track systems, ball-screw systems, all designed and built in-house to guide the motion of the machine's tooling. Each system is customized to your specific needs to get you moving.

Pictured above: 5-axis Automated Servo System Screw Driver


This system is designed with an X-Y-Z upper (vertical) servo system controlling one screwdriver, while a X-Z lower (horizontal) servo system controls a simultaneously driving second screwdriver. Four of the 5 axes are driven by the built-in-house belt and pulley system, accurate to 0.1mm of the target drive. The fifth axis is driven by a ball screw system. These axes work in unison to achieve a fast, fluid motion to position the drivers for automatic part assembly.

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