Screw Driving

Years of experience with custom screw drive machines has given us an advantage over our competitors. Here at Advanced Mechatronics we have developed several new techniques for faster, more efficient, and more reliable screw drive systems.

One advantage gained with our systems is that all of our Jaw Tooling is designed and built in-house. Our customers benefit from this because we can supply Jaw Tooling and Drive Bits within a few days rather than waiting several weeks from a driver supplier.

Working with screw drive systems has also taught us the benefit of inverted driving. We design specialty systems which can assemble parts upside down. Customers benefit from this because any screws that fail to install properly do not fall into part cavities.

We have worked with several brands of bowl feeders and hoppers, and have even custom made our own systems. When working with multiple drivers, we are able utilize only one bowl feeder by integrating our own "Screw Diverter" system which splices into the feed blow tube and redirects the screw from the feeder to whichever driver needs the screw.

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